Tidy Up Your Offices With OzLoka® New Zealand’s Work Lockers

Workplace lockers are like your home away from home. Without appropriate lockers in place, office and commercial spaces can get chaotic. And nobody wants to work in a chaotic, messy office space. Work lockers aren’t just a feature that offers security and maintains order in your workplace, they come with so many more benefits.

If you wish to streamline your office operations and offer a clutter-free workspace, get in touch with OzLoka® New Zealand. Our exclusive range of heavy-duty work lockers might be just what you need.

Here are the Perks of Having Lockers in Workplaces

Working in a cluttered office environment can affect the entire office’s productivity. Furthermore, your team is always at risk of misplacing or losing critical documents and valuables. Hence, lockers have become a prerequisite to establishments worldwide. Here’s a list of perks that comes with purchasing lockers for your workplaces.

  • Helps in creating a clutter-free workplace.
  • Give your establishments a more professional appearance
  • Creates a sense of belonging for the employees
  • Offers security for personal and professional belongings
  • Improves productivity
  • Offers freedom to personalise own lockers
  • Helps ensure privacy
  • Encourages social interaction

Types of Work Lockers and Accessories Offered by OzLoka® New Zealand

At OzLoka® New Zealand, we understand all office spaces and establishments have different requirements. Through continuous research and development, our teams have come developed a wide range of lockers that have something for everyone. Furthermore, with the help of the accessories in store, you create a personalised locker for your office. Lastly, OzLoka® work lockers are the perfect alternative to the old fashioned metal, wooden or laminated lockers.

Here’s a small brief to type of lockers offered by OzLoka®

A Series

OzLoka® A series lockers are the most popular locker in our range. These heavy-duty lockers are wide enough to fit a backpack or even a motorbike helmet, making them perfect for all kinds of workspaces.

B Series

OzLoka® B series lockers have the same width as the A series but come with added depth to accommodate coat hooks and rails(optional accessories). Whether you wish to store tools or any other large equipments, rest assured picking this variant as it’s one of our deepest lockers.

C Series

OzLoka® C series lockers are not just deeper than the A series, they are wider too. If your employees have to frequently store larger items, the C series might just be the perfect product for your establishment.

Tool Series

OzLoka® Tool series lockers like the name suggests are most suited for commercial spaces that handle tools and equipments.

F Series (Phone Locker)

OzLoka® F series lockers are ideal for workspaces that require you to store your mobile phones, wallets, jewelleries or other personal items before heading onto your desks.

1800 Series

OzLoka® 1800 series lockers feature ventilation and drainage facilities and are specially designed for the mining, food, and chemical industry. With these lockers, you can hose out all the contaminations and dirt regularly without damaging the product.

Furthermore, these lockers come with a hanging rail and fixed shelves that are great for drying out a towel or other clothing.

Wardrobe Locker

OzLoka® wardrobe series lockers are suitable for mining and other mining related industries where the employees have to regularly store their labcoats and other work uniforms.

Here’s a list of the accessories that you can use to customise your workplace lockers:

  • Padlocks
  • Combination Locks
  • Name Plates
  • Sloping Tops
  • Kicker Base
  • Shelves
  • Clothes Rail
  • Clothes Hook

Why Buy OzLoka® New Zealand’s Workplace Lockers?

Unlike the wooden lockers that come with the risks of water seepage and moss infestations and metal lockers with the risks of rust and corrosion, OzLoka® work lockers are weather-resistant.

Made from heavy-duty polyethylene, these lockers can last you for decades. If you are also struggling to find a locker that offers all the key features and is perfect for your office space, you have ended up in the right place.

Here’s a list of reasons why you should consider purchasing OzLoka® work lockers:

  • Made from UV stable material
  • Made from 100% recyclable materials
  • 25 colour options available
  • Lightweight and stackable
  • Resistant to knocks and bumps
  • Resistant to damage from cleaning solvents
  • Anti-fade Solid Colour (reduces maintenance costs)
  • Corrosion and weather resistant
  • Comes with a 15-year warranty

With so many options to choose from, what’s holding you back from turning things around in your office spaces? Whether it’s a multistoried office or a smaller home office, our team of experts at OzLoka® New Zealand can put together a locker solution suited to your specific requirements.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how workplace lockers can improve your offices.

Why OzLoka®?

Customise Our Commercial Lockers To Meet Your Requirements

Built from durable rotationally-moulded plastic, all Ozloka New Zealand products are resistant to water and UV damage, as well as scratches and impact, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Cleaning your lockers is as simple as wiping down with water and a mild detergent, and unlike metal and timber lockers, graffiti is removed easily with an alcohol-based solution. From smaller lockers for employee’s personal effects to more spacious units ideal for storing cleaning equipment and supplies, Ozloka New Zealand provides a comprehensive selection of tailored storage solutions for businesses across a range of industries. Businesses can incentivise their employees to stay healthy, equipping their end of trip facilities and locker rooms with hygienic, spacious lockers with room for all of their personal effects. With optional USB ports, you can offer your employees their own cell phone charging lockers, helping them not only stay focused during business hours but keep their devices charged for lunch and the trip home.

Premium Lockers For Every New Zealanders Business

Start a conversation with the team at Ozloka New Zealand today to find out how we could transform the way your business does storage. Call us on 027 234 5464 or send us an email at sales@fspnz.net with any questions and we’ll be happy to assist you. Alternatively, use our locker builder and get a comprehensive quote sooner.