Lockers are essential in sports centres and athlete rooms. They provide a dedicated storage space for equipment and uniforms. Lockers also help keep the athlete’s changing rooms organised. There are many benefits to having stadium lockers in sports facilities.

Stadium lockers can add to the space’s aesthetics, they are designed to allow ventilation and they ensure that all sports essentials are easily accessible and secure. There are a number of types of stadium lockers that you can choose from. Open access lockers provide unrestricted and easy access, while mesh panels on locker doors enable odour removal by allowing ventilation.

What are the Various Types of Stadium Lockers?


Stadium lockers are divided into several categories. The first category is open access lockers that are doorless. These are mainly used to store sports equipment. Doorless lockers make it convenient to access essential items quickly and easily. These lockers also come with a smaller lockable compartment. This smaller space can be used to store valuables which may be at a risk of being stolen.  

Another category of stadium lockers is closet lockers. These usually have a mesh door which helps with ventilation. This helps remove moisture, thereby reducing the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. Additionally, these lockers are fitted with closet hangers that facilitate easy storage of uniforms without wrinkles. 


Why are Oz Loka’s® Stadium Lockers the Best in New Zealand?


There are a number of locker providers in New Zealand. However, Oz Loka’s® stadium lockers are an incomparable investment. Our HDPE lockers offer maximum longevity and utility. They are resistant to the damage caused by water.

Our stadium lockers are available in a variety of customisations, including five dimensions of depth and width with multiple height options and 25 colours. They are easy to maintain due to their cleanability and antibacterial properties. Unlike traditional lockers, even if these lockers are scratched, the same colour is visible underneath.

In addition to all of the points above, our plastic lockers are suitable for frequent use and are tough enough to prevent even forcible attempts at theft. When jimmied, the locker will bend with the force not allowing any access to the contents inside. The locker can be brought back to its original shape by leaving it under the sun.

Our stadium lockers can also be customised with hanging rods and charging facilities, making them extremely versatile.

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