Lockers are a vital part of any school premises. They encourage students to stay organised and prevent items from being stolen or misplaced.  Lockers are available in a variety of materials, and can be customised for a range of different purposes, making the selecting the perfect locker for your own situation quite daunting. 

Below are a few significant types of school lockers that every educational institution should consider:

Mini Lockers

As the name suggests, mini lockers are small in size. These compact lockers are often used for school premises that have limited space. They can be stacked up compactly and are usually available in a cubical shape. These lockers can store small items such as a student’s accessories, devices, stationery items, books and other personal belongings. 

Mini lockers are often the choice for primary and pre-primary school children, teaching them the value of organisation and everyday discipline. Additionally, students don’t have to carry around their books and stationery all day as they have a dedicated space to put them when not in use. Such school lockers are often made with softer yet robust heavy-duty plastic and are customised in vibrant colours. 


Sport Lockers

Most institutes conduct regular sports activities and programmes to encourage good health. Schools install gym or sports lockers to make it convenient for students to change in and out of their sports gear and keep their belongings secure. These are well ventilated and highly resistant to corrosion. Such features ensure that clothes and sports gear remain free from odour and germs.

Lockers in gyms help both students and faculty members to ensure that nothing goes missing, while they can easily access their sports gear when needed.

If your school has a swimming pool with a changing room, plastic sport lockers are the best option. These are moisture-resistant and keep belongings safe and dry.

Charging Lockers

Laptops and mobile phones have become an essential part of many student’s lives. While laptops may be encouraged by certain schools to enhance learning activities, mobile phones are often either discouraged or are not permitted in the classrooms. 

Where mobile phones are banned in classrooms, students need a place to store them securely until after class hours. Similarly, certain classrooms may not allow or require laptops, so it is important to have a dedicated space to store these during class time. 

Charging equipped lockers or our F-series lockers can ensure that devices  are recharged and ready to be used once students are allowed access to them.


Specialist Lockers

Certain school lockers are customised for specific needs. These are called specialist lockers and are used for purposes such as storing first aid supplies or keeping other locker’s keys. Certain lockers may even be installed specifically for mobile phones or expensive accessories. Accessible lockers installed primarily for differently-abled children are also referred to as specialist lockers. These are installed in many schools all over New Zealand. 

Staff Lockers

Along with students, staff members such as teachers, administrators, caretakers and cleaners may also need lockers. These can be used to store important documents such as test papers, personal clothes and accessories like diaries, phones, wallets and watches.

If you are looking to install school lockers in New Zealand, contact Oz Loka. We provide a large selection of heavy-duty plastic school lockers. 

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