Stylish and Safe Tablet Lockers:

Oz Loka® offers a versatile range of tablet lockers in NZ. Our tablet lockers are popular in schools, colleges, offices, and other organisations for convenience and safety. These lockers have an advanced design, which helps you create stylish and functional locker rooms on your premises.

Tablet and iPad storage lockers come with additional features such as a USB charging port, extra shelves, rail hook, and more. You can also choose a locking system according to your safety requirements. You can also select locker door colours from our wide range of colours.

Key Features of Our iPad and Tablet Lockers:

  • Advance locking system
  • Doors available in a wide range of colours
  • Heavy-duty lockers are impact resistant
  • Ideal for humid spaces
  • UV stabilised and corrosion-resistant

We have over two decades of experience in providing comprehensive storage solutions across many industries with our heavy-duty plastic lockers. If you are looking to upgrade your lockers, please contact us today.

For more information, please call us on 0800 377 112. You can also email us at