Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money on Locker Maintenance

Ozloka New Zealand is a top brand offering an extensive range of plastic student lockers. Being a part of this industry for over two decades, we have acquired insights into the unique storage requirements of educational institutes.

Applying superior engineering capabilities, we use high density polyethylene to build heavy duty, weather resistant and tamper-proof storage solutions.

Rusting is one of the major problems that eventually makes the metal lockers a big liability. No matter how much you try, it’s nearly impossible to keep the oxidation and rust at bay! The end result is that you have to spend a fortune for the upkeep of these metal lockers.

With our series of heavy duty lockers your maintenance cost will plummet. They are rust-proof and can withstand harsh weather elements like humidity, salt air and moisture.

Additionally, our student lockers are super sturdy and don’t develop dents, cracks or raptures even after multiple hammer blows. This means the students and even the staff members can keep their belongings safe with complete peace of mind.

Here is a Quick Way to Brighten up Your School Yard

Metal or wood lockers are monochromatic – They are available in earthy or grey shades. This doesn’t add much vibrancy to your premises. We have a great solution for this as well. Ozloka New Zealand offers a wide range of 25 colours to choose from. Select your favourite colour that resonates with your school’s design.

Talk to our experts at Ozloka New Zealand to find more about your options.