Replace Your Rusty, Scratched Metal Lockers With Durable Plastic Lockers

Emergency and law enforcement personnel are required to work in extreme conditions, some are even life threatening. So, they require a storage unit that gives quick and easy access to their firearms and gears. It doesn’t end here! These personnel also need a locker that keeps their official firearms, uniforms and other gears safe from potential loss, damage, theft or misuse.

Until now metal lockers have been the prime choice. However, metals are highly prone to oxidation which make them rusty. Moreover, its durability has been questioned numerous times.

If you are looking for secure, durable and heavy duty lockers for emergency services, Oz Loka New Zealand.

Stop Wasting Money On Short Term Locker Purchases And Avoid Maintenance Cycle

Oz Loka New Zealand has earned a distinct place for its premium quality high density polyethylene police lockers. Our two decades of experience have helped acquired understanding about the exclusive storing challenges within law enforcement agencies. Therefore our team of engineers have designed a series of durable, rust-proof and low maintenance lockers.

Metal lockers have always been the standard preferences. However, over years they rust and even develop scratches/dent. This eventually adds up to the maintenance costs.

These HDPE lockers are ultra durable and don’t develop any scratches, dents or cracks. Also, you have spent a bomb every year to repaint the lockers.

Secure One Piece Body To Keep Official Armfires Safe And Away From Potential Theft

Store *official firearms, evidence records, uniforms and other gears safe in our lockers equipped with a patented padlock loop system.

Build to last longer, our range of lockers are tamper proof and cannot be jimmied open. They offer a secure place to store crucial evidence, records, tasers and even the *firearms. Super sturdy and UV stable, our lockers offer an ideal solution for police stations, fire stations and other emergency services.

Customised Lockers For Distinct Needs

Unlike other services, the emergency professionals have a unique set of storage challenges and demands. The storage unit should offer uninterrupted access to the stored items for quick response.

We design lockers with customised shelves in a specified size to address your unique challenges and requirements.

Whether it’s for keeping uniforms, *firearms, tasers or important evidence, our lockers offer the ultimate security with our patented padlock loop system to keep the items secure.

Explore the latest collection of our durable police lockers today!

*Please refer to your own internal safety requirements and guidelines for firearms and other dangerous weapons storage. Please conduct your own safety standards and risk assessment regarding the use of Oz Lokas New Zealand. Oz Loka New Zealand is not liable for any damages or harm caused.