Phone Storage Lockers for Classrooms

We can solve your Schools Mobile Phone Ban requirements.

Most educational institutes across New Zealand are putting a ban on the use of mobile phones on the premises to reduce the distractions in the classrooms. This makes it essential for educational institutions to provide a safe and secure place to lock away mobile phones. If you are looking for phone cubby to keep the phones safe, Oz Loka New Zealand offers an excellent solution to address this.

We have two solutions for you:
Firstly the new black phone lock box storage solution (phone cubby) has 6 slots for students mobile phones. They fit neatly in our A, B, and C series plastic lockers. We offer 50% off the phone cubby cost if purchased with our Oz Lokas.

The second option is the dedicated F – Series Ozloka. Find out more here Phone Locker

Our Phone Lock Box Solution.

Conveniently secure your classrooms phones, removing the worries of theft or access by students. Collect and store up to 6 student cell phones in each phone cubby module. 

The 2019 white 24 phone cubby had some issues so our engineers and customers worked together and came up with a new unique solution.  

The concern from customers of the 2019 version – 24 white phone cubby was it being too heavy and difficult to transport safely. Also concerns were raised with the white material getting grubby after use. We built the 6 module system as it was lighter when fully loaded with phones, making it easier to carry, removing concerns of dropping 24 phones. We have used a heavy-duty black HDPE plastic in the 2020 phone cubby so they do not show up the dirt like the white version.


50% off Phone cubbys when purchased with an Oz Loka Locker

Start Your Own Mobile Phone Day Care Solution.

Add a heavy-duty Ozloka locker for the ideal solution for a classroom.
The 2020 phone cubby when packaged with our Oz loka is offered at 50% of the regular phone cubby price.

The Phone cubies can be purchased directly with a minimum order of $50.



Eliminate classroom distractions.

The “phone lock box” cubby  for school classrooms is designed with easy access in mind so that teachers can retrieve their student’s smartphones at the end of the day. The new 2020 version is lighter by 75% (6 slots vs 24 slots) and does not get as dirty as last year’s version.

As a teacher you are not competing with the high-tech tools of distraction in your classroom.

Control the mobile phone usages in your classroom. Lessen classroom distraction helping students learn and grow.


Standard Phone Storage Solution


180mm W x 240mm D x H 600mm H


Individual storage of phones.

The F-Series Phone Locker is designed to secure a phone in its very own compartment. Ideal for staff and students, just add our padlock. View our Installation Gallery

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Size:100mm W  X 170mm D x 60mm H

The mobile phone storage box holds 6 phones. It fits in well in our plastic heavy-duty lockers and is discounted by 50% if purchased with new FSP Oz Loka/s 
It has angled slots for fast identification. Lighter  & easy to manage.


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