New Zealand weather is unpredictable. New Zealand cities often face a variety of climatic conditions ranging from torrential rains, tropical storms and heat waves. Therefore, there’s hardly any locker that can easily withstand exposure to inclement weather except heavy-duty polyethylene plastic outdoor lockers.

An average wood or metal locker aren’t an ideal option for outdoor purposes as they cannot withstand the humidity and inclement weather conditions.

Heavy-Duty And Long Lasting Outdoor Lockers To Cut Down The Maintenance Cost

OzLoka® NZ is a pioneering brand and offers high density, heavy duty and premium quality outdoor lockers.

Starting our journey in 1994, today we have gained a distinct reputation in the industry for delivering supreme quality solutions backed with a 15 year warranty.
Our series of plastic outdoor lockers are ideal for high humidity environments such as areas near the swimming pool, spas, fisheries, water theme parks, school gyms and more.

Our experts have a better understanding of the unpredictable New Zealand climate. Therefore, we have applied our best engineering and manufacturing practices to build super sturdy lockers that resists the NZ climate. Our array of UV stable lockers don’t rust, corrode when they’re exposed to the harsh climatic conditions.

Here’s How To Stop Wasting Money On Short Term Outdoor Lockers Purchases

As compared to the traditional old fashioned wood or metal storage spaces, our outdoor lockers require virtually zero maintenance.

Since our lockers are made from the high density polyethylene plastic, they are super resistant to the damaging effect of humidity, air, water and salt. This brings down the annual cost of maintenance as you don’t have to replace it or get it repainted every alternate year.

In addition to this, our series of lockers are heavy duty and can withstand external forces without denting, cracking or bending. This means all the valuables remain safe from theft or vandalism. Above all, our waterproof lockers come with a 15- year warranty, So, you can save hundreds of dollars.

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