Phone Locker solution for Classrooms

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Cell Phone Lockers Offering The Ultimate Versatility And Security

Small phone lockers are an excellent storage solution for valuables in any workplace or school. Our lockers are customisable to fit smaller spaces, and are unobtrusive and can be hidden away in any room or under your office desks without being noticed.

They make a fantastic storage option for employees in workplaces with limited space, as every locker from OzLoka New Zealand comes with modular capabilities as standard, allowing you to stack side by side.

With a single hinge door, they have a locker loop to thread your choice of lock to secure each compartment.

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Schools Ban phones in Classrooms

Across New Zealand classrooms in schools are beginning to lock away phones during class hours. The move to ban cell phones in classrooms is being seen as a way to help students focus on their studies and reduce distractions. Many schools have already implemented this policy, with positive results being reported by teachers and students alike.

By implementing phone-free zones in the classroom, schools are sending a clear message that education is a top priority and should not be disrupted by technology. It allows students to fully engage in the lesson without any distractions or interruptions from their devices. With the help of OzLoka® Lockers, students can securely store their phones and focus solely on the lesson, leading to better retention of information.

In order to support phone-free zones, schools can consider partnering with OzLoka®, a trusted locker brand that provides secure storage solutions for students’ devices. By offering convenient and safe storage options, schools can further encourage students to keep their phones away during class and create a conducive environment for effective learning.


Phone Locker Kits

We are offering a solution for schools in a kit form. You receive all you need to store student phone safely away for the day. We have 3 solutions available.

For more information on our phone lock box solution click here.

A quality OzLoka New Zealand (A or C series) and our phone cubby holder which can store up to 96 phone is ideal for you classroom or main office.  To find out  about our cell phone storage boxes click button below.

Cell Phone Storage

If you’re looking for small lockers, you’ve come to the right place. At OzLoka New Zealand, our small lockers are designed to offer the utmost security, made with the highest quality materials. With more than 20 years of experience under our belt, we pride ourselves on the premium quality and personal service we provide to our customers around New Zealand. From smaller, more compact lockers to larger industrial lockers, we do everything we can to customise our products to better suit your needs — so get browsing now!
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How Do I Secure My Phone Locker?

We recommend our combination padlocks. They come in a 3 digit or 4 digit version. They also have a master key.


  • Modular rows of four compartments
  • Built with recyclable plastics
  • Secure no break-in door
  • Slopped hood (optional)
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Padlock-able (most secure)
  • 25 colours available
  • Quite closing doors
  • UV and corrosion-resistant