Spacious and Durable Lockers in Palmerston North

Superior quality lockers are essential to keep premises well-organised. Lockers are important for convenience and safety, whether it be for schools and colleges or commercial and industrial workplaces. If you are looking for high-quality plastic lockers in Palmerston North, then getting in touch with the experts from Oz Loka® is the best option. We are a trusted manufacturer and distributor of lockers in Palmerston North, providing storage solutions to a wide range of industries. Our lockers are designed to meet all types of storage needs. We continuously  upgrade our manufacturing technology to deliver exceptional quality lockers across New Zealand. Whether you are looking for school lockers, gym lockers, mining industry lockers, or have specific storage requirements, you can count on us for advanced storage solutions within your budget. Our high-density polyethylene lockers are built to last for years with optimum functionality.

Advanced School Lockers in Palmerston North:

Considering the storage requirements of next-gen students and teachers, we provide high-end school lockers in Palmerston North. The advanced lockers have a functional design to accommodate additional accessories, such as mobile and laptop charging ports and locking systems. With extra space available, students can safely store their uniforms, gadgets, sports and other equipment easily. With the availability of a wide range of colours, you can upgrade the locker room for style and convenience.

Impact-resistant Heavy Duty Plastic Lockers in Palmerston North:

Our premium range of lockers are UV stabilised and resistant to the damaging impact of corrosive chemicals. Unlike other traditional lockers, like wood and steel, our high-end plastic lockers last for years without any special maintenance care.

Our Plastic Lockers are Ideal for the Following Organisations:

  • Universities
  • Defence Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Gyms
  • Sports Clubs
  • Mining Industry
  • Schools
  • Construction Industry
  • Airport Operations
  • Fitness Centres

Invest in Versatile and Multi-purpose Plastic Lockers:

Our lockers have sufficient storage space, which allows you to store large items such as sports and musical instruments and other specialised equipment. These advanced lockers are also ideal for storing smaller items such as mobile phones, laptops, clothes, jewellery, and more. We manufacture lockers using state-of-the-art technology and the finest quality raw materials. If you want to upgrade your locker room or know more about our products, please call our experts on 027 234 5464. You can also email us at

Some of Our Clients

Carine Senior High School
St Norbert College 1