The role of a school locker has transformed significantly over recent years. It is no longer just a piece of furniture stacked in the corner of a room that needs to be maintained daily and replaced frequently.

Today, students have to carry study materials along with expensive electronic gadgets like laptops, smartphones as well as sports gear. They need a secure place to store these essentials while they go about their daily activities. Installing sturdy, spacious and versatile lockers has become a top priority for educational institutions.

As there are a plethora of options available in the market, choosing the perfect lockers can be a demanding process. Buying the wrong type of locker for your specific needs might become a financial liability in the long run. There are several critical factors that you need to consider before installing lockers:


1.  Know Your Locker’s Life Cycle

Creating or revamping a locker bay is a considerable investment. It can be both costly and time consuming to replace or repair lockers that are not fit for purpose. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the cost and life cycle of the lockers before you narrow down your options.

During your research, understanding durability and the expected life-span of your investment is essential. While a less expensive material may seem attractive initially, it won’t be cost-efficient in the long run if it wears out sooner.

Investing in higher-quality and heavy-duty materials like high-density polyethylene plastic can prove to be more economical over the years. These lockers require minimal maintenance and repairs as they have better endurance against harsh elements and chemicals.

2. Size Does Matter

Another major factor often overlooked is size. Most school locker manufacturers offer a wide range of customisation options. It is therefore important to identify your storing requirements before you decide on the locker size. If you are operating a pre-school, small-sized and bright, colourful lockers are a perfect choice. Alternatively, for high schools, spacious lockers offer a better storage solution. Think carefully about your specific storage needs and what size locker will fit the criteria.

3. An Effective Locking System is Important

An essential feature of any locker is a robust locking system that ensures optimum safety of student or staff belongings. From traditional padlocks to advanced RFID locking systems, there are a variety of locking choices available. Choosing the right lock for your environment will depend upon your specific needs. A digital locking system for primary school lockers might not be necessary and a simple padlock may be enough. Similarly, a standard padlock may not provide maximum security for a high school.

4. Choice of Material is Crucial

Some of the more traditional locker materials start showing signs of wear and tear when exposed to weather or corrosive chemicals. In addition, installing conventional lockers is not financially viable as they require constant maintenance and repairs.  Therefore, it becomes crucial to ensure you choose the right locker material for your needs. Among the many different options available in the market, high-density polyethylene plastic lockers have become a popular choice. These lockers are durable, low maintenance and easy to clean, offering good return on your initial investment.

5. Make Your Campus Green With Sustainable Options

When you are looking for lockers for your school,  it may be necessary to contribute towards creating a “green” and eco-friendly campus. While sustainability is often overlooked when considering locker material, choosing an ecologically sustainable option offers considerable benefits. High-density polyethylene plastic lockers use recycled materials and hence provide a more sustainable option as compared to other traditional locker materials.

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