It can be quite surprising to see that even the best-designed workplaces can fill with clutter. From paperwork strewn around to employee belongings lying under desks, a workplace can quickly descend into a mess. In addition, with no proper storage facilities, there’s always the possible risk of theft. It is therefore crucial to install a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and functional locker in your office to create a safe storage space.

Lockers provide employees with a convenient and strongly protected place to store valuables, electronic devices and other items. In addition, lockers make it easier to keep the place tidy and more organised. If you are searching for good quality staff lockers, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind.


1. Choose Sturdy Material For Enhanced Security

One of the biggest concerns for employers is to ensure a safe working environment. Employees may not be able to focus on their work if they constantly fear their valuables being stolen or important documents getting misplaced.

Installing vandal-resistant lockers ensures peace of mind as employees can securely store their valuables. While traditional lockers have always been the first choice, metal and wood are often vulnerable to theft. In contrast, a high-density polyethylene plastic locker is durable and resistant to vandalism. Choosing your locker material wisely is critical.

2. Strong Locking System is the Key

A locker is incomplete without a solid and advanced locking system. There is an extensive range of options to choose from depending on the level of security you need. For example, digital locking is a perfect choice to keep confidential documents safely. Digital locking provides impeccable security, using a  code that can be shared amongst only those with the necessary security clearance.

3. Better Functionality For User Convenience

Whether you want a locker for daily use or just for occasional purposes, functionality is a crucial factor. Lockers need to perform reliably, under all circumstances. Before you choose a locker, make sure it fits your requirements appropriately. Talk to the suppliers about your storage needs and challenges, as this can help ensure you find a storage solution that provides the best user convenience.

4. Choose a Low Maintenance Locker for Better Return on Investment

Creating a locker bay requires significant investment. While metal lockers have always been a popular choice among facility managers, these lockers require continuous maintenance and repairs. This adds to the longer term overheads and operational costs. High-density polyethylene lockers have been regarded for their longevity, low maintenance and ease of repair. These lockers don’t require repairs every alternate year, so you can save a significant amount on repair costs. In addition, high-density polyethylene lockers come with a 25 years warranty, so you don’t have to worry about replacing these lockers frequently.

5. Go For Versatile and Customisable Lockers

Every office is different with their own set of storage requirements. Some offices require phone cubbies to keep smartphones, while others may need large lockers to store files and stationery. So when you are looking for lockers, it’s vital to consider versatility and customisability. A multipurpose locker offers a secure and vandal-resistant space to employees where they can keep their belongings.  In addition, lockers allow you to keep the workplace clutter-free and more organised. A custom-made locker can effortlessly accommodate the storage requirements of every office.

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