Spacious, Stylish, and Durable Lockers for Architects

Oz Loka®, a leading supplier of designer plastic lockers, offers an innovative range of lockers for architects, meeting the storage requirements of architects in the best possible way. You can upgrade or expand the facility’s storage capabilities with our new range of storage lockers.

Plastic Lockers for Interior Designers and Architects

The new range of plastic lockers for interior designers and architects streamlines the office operations, conveniently storing designing tools, to keeping mobile phones and laptops safe. The spacious lockers can accommodate additional accessories, including extra shelves, a USB charging port, an advanced locking system, and more.

Heavy Duty Plastic Lockers with Excellent Durability

As a leading plastic locker supplier, we deliver only high-end lockers to our clients. Our storage lockers are made with high-density polyethylene, making them resistant to corrosive chemicals, salt, and water.

Get a Free Quote for Lockers for Architects and Interior Designers

To upgrade with our stylish lockers for interior designers, contact Oz Loka® New Zealand. Want to know more about our lockers and other products? Please send us an email, and our experts will get back to you. Call us at 027 234 5464 for more information.