Storage solutions are needed in all types of commercial settings like schools, community clubs, fitness centres, factories and corporate offices. There is a need for a secure and dedicated space for staff and customer belongings. 

Oz Loka is amongst the best locker manufacturers in New Zealand. Our unique lockers provide excellent safety and functionality. Some of the products that we deal in are described below:

School Lockers

Schools need lockers to give students and staff a safe place to store their belongings. Lockers help reduce the burden by minimising the need to carry things around.

Oz Loka provides heavy-duty plastic lockers that close without loud metal clangs and have soft corners that help prevent injuries. Additionally, our lockers are resistant to corrosion, UV light, and graffiti, making them a durable investment. Oz Loka’s HDPE school lockers can also be sanitised and cleaned easily, leading to a safe, illness-free school environment. Apart from this, the range of customisation available can help with lockers that completely match the school aesthetic.

In recent times, educational institutions have made an effort to curb the use of mobile phones in classrooms. Oz Loka provides safe and conveniently sized lockers to store these valuable devices. We provide two solutions in the form of phone cubbies and F-series Cell Phone Lockers. While the cubbies can be used to store up to six devices together in any of our lockers, the F-series lockers are used for individual devices.

If your school has compact spaces, we can customise lockers that can be easily accommodated in the space available. Our polyethylene lockers in New Zealand guarantee convenience and are also economical.

Staff Lockers

Whether you own a corporate office or an industrial space like a factory or a warehouse, a place for employees to store their belongings is essential. A dedicated storage space leads to a clutter-free environment.

At Oz Loka, we realise that every workplace is unique. Therefore, we offer customised locker solutions for every client. Our HDPE lockers in New Zealand can be personalised with additional shelves and doors to closet hangers, locks, base and hood supports. We offer 25 colour options to ensure that the workplace is vibrant and in harmony with your brand colours or decor.


Our lockers are UV and water-resistant, making them suitable for both outdoor and indoor uses. Besides, the corrosion-resistant nature also allows them to be used in industries and hospitals where staff deal with reactive chemicals. Since these lockers are easy to clean, you can stay assured of hygienic premises. Our lockers can also be used to store PPE gear. 

We also deal in phone lockers for employees equipped with charging ports, which helps your staff stay productive without worrying about their phone battery running out by lunch or closing time. 

Gym Lockers

Oz Loka provides an unparalleled range of plastic lockers in New Zealand. These are long-lasting and rust-proof. Our gym lockers are perfect for storing everything from personal belongings to sports equipment. We provide a range of locker solutions, including compact, multi-user F series lockers that can be used for phones, wallets, jewellery, and spacious lockers to hang clothes and bags. Their water-resistant quality makes them suitable for use near beaches as well as swimming pools. For gym and sports centre owners, our lockers solutions are easy to clean and economical. If you are looking for lockers in New Zealand, Oz Loka is just a call away. Want to know more about our products? Drop us an email, and our experts will get back to you. Call us at 027 234 5464 for more information.