As a golf club manager or proprietor, you pay attention to all the details to ensure your members have the ultimate golfing experience. A golf club represents luxury, comfort, and class, and if anything is lacking, it requires immediate attention. You need to make wise investments to improve your golf club to get the best returns.

Here are some ideas for elevating the experience of your golf club:

Improving the Golf Course:

There is nothing more important than the course itself for a golf club. The majority of investment should go to the improvement of the course. Annual maintenance to ensure high quality greens, and clearing of shrubbery and hazards is essential. Other elements to consider also include upgrading drainage systems, investing in quality tools and landscaping such as clearing trees and scrub to open up views.

Upgrading the Locker Room:

Your locker room may not be the place where many golfers look forward to spending too much of their time, but that does not mean that it should be outdated. An unappealing and uncomfortable locker room can spoil the overall experience that your golf club is aiming to deliver.

To create a comfortable and modern locker room in your facility, you should invest in modern heavy-duty plastic lockers. Carefully designed plastic lockers help you create a convenient locker room. One of the primary reasons to choose plastic lockers is that they are highly durable, available in various colours and sizes and last for a long time.

Transforming the locker room attracts potential new members and also helps you organise successful events where members can truly benefit from the comprehensive design of your club’s locker room.

For heavy-duty industrial-grade plastic lockers, you can go with OzLoka® golf club lockers. The custom lockers can easily accommodate additional accessories, like combination locks, padlocks, sloping tops, name plates, kicker base, shelves, rail hook, USB charging port and more that allows you to provide your members a comfortable experience.

Revamping the Clubhouse:

If your clubhouse and bar has the right atmosphere to offer, it will make a significant difference on how long people will spend time there, pre-round and post-round. Your golf club has to have a space where people would love to spend their time and definitely money. Create a classy club lounge and it will add value to your brand. Create a cafe-life and contemporary clubhouse for a better experience.

Invest in Practice Facilities:

Most golfers love to spend time practising. If your golf club has everything they seek in their ideal practice facility, they won’t hesitate to pay extra. They would prefer a practice facility where they don’t have to hit balls and pick themselves. Investing in practice facilities is the need of the time for the golf clubs in New Zealand.

Building a Short-game Area:

Most golf clubs have areas to hit balls with a full-scale driving range, field targets, and a net. However, not all golf clubs offer facilities for practising the short game. If you have the carefully made short game area, it can be a great asset to drive new recruits and retain current members. Many golf clubs in New Zealand have started focusing on developing excellent short-game areas.

An Indoor Studio:

A studio can help golf clubs to generate a new and steady revenue stream. When the course is closed or weather conditions are not good, you can attract people to your golf club, ensuring them a good time with a well-designed indoor studio.

Introduce a Halfway Hut:

Every golf club has to have a halfway hut. It generates more income for the club, especially on a big society or corporate day. A halfway hut provides excellent experience to the club’s visitors.

Engaging Competition Software:

With advanced computer software and applications, you can provide a next-level experience to the players. The latest software offers several advantages, including less burden on administration, using resources for other important tasks, and introducing live on-course scoring and leaderboards in the clubhouse.


These are some of the best things you should do in 2023 for adding value to your golf club. From creating an extraordinary practice facility to installing superior-quality plastic lockers, investing in the right area will benefit your golf club in both short and long-run.

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