You need to consider a range of factors when looking for gym lockers to create a convenient locker room in a gym. The article can help you make the right choices for you. Here are five essential things to consider when buying gym lockers.

multicolor and sizes lockers at gym

Ease of Use:

Consider what activities are expected in a gym locker room, whether you need lockers for a school, college gym, or private health club. Once you are sure about the usage of the lockers and your budget, you can select lockers that help you create a perfect locker room.

Number of Units:

You should work out how many members the gym will be accommodating at any given time, as this will help you determine the number of lockers you will require. Consider the available space in your locker room and, if possible, take advice from an expert for creating a comfortable locker room.


Steel, wood, and plastic are some of the most common materials for gym lockers. However, heavy-duty plastic lockers are a preferred choice for gyms as they are resistant to heavy impacts, UV rays, and corrosive elements. Plastic lockers maintain optimum functionality for a long time.

Size of the Lockers:

Fitness centre lockers should be spacious and have a design that can accommodate a range of items. From clothes and shoes to mobile phones and accessories, there are plenty of things gym members need to store safely in a locker room. Make sure that the lockers are designed to accommodate additional accessories.


You should opt for custom lockers for any specific locker room requirement. OzLoka® lockers come with multiple door configurations and a variety of custom colours. Furthermore, you can also add a locking system and additional accessories according to your specific needs. Accessories include cloth hanging rods, mobile charging facilities and much more.

OzLoka® gym lockers are designed to make your gym operation smooth and comfortable. If you want to create a perfect locker room for the gym, kindly contact us.