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Office lockers have become increasingly popular, with many of us being fortunate enough to have a personal locker at work. Lockers can significantly contribute to managing our work lives. To make the most of your locker at work, you need to consider what to store, what accessories to add for convenience, and how to keep it clutter-free.Here is the list of some important things to keep in your locker and accessories you can use to give you the best, most convenient storage experience.

A List of Few Important Things to Keep in Your Locker

A Reliable Locking System

For better safety many offices and workplaces allow employees to use their own locks. Using your own locker with a personal lock gives you complete peace of mind knowing that all your belongings are safe. Several locking options are available, from padlocks to digital locks. You only need to ensure that your work locker can accommodate the type of locker you choose.


Reduce the number of items you need to carry on your commute to and from the office, and keep a dedicated pair of work headphones in your office locker. Keeping your favourite headphones handy at the workplace can help brighten dull days and keep you focused when you need to be away from outside distractions.

Water Bottle

A water bottle can be a great addition to your work locker. Buy a water bottle with a handle lid so you can hang it on a rail hook and optimise the space. A vacuum-insulated water bottle will keep your cold beverages fresh and you will have access to your favourite drink to re-energise whenever you need it.

Adhesive Hooks

If your locker does not have a rail hook or you want to add extra hooks, you can buy adhesive hooks to stick inside your locker. You can use these hooks to hang umbrellas, keys, shirts, coats, and so on. Buy hooks with adhesive strips, so you can install them without any tools.

Pen and Pencil Holder

A pen and pencil holder will keep your pens, pencils, binder clips and other small items off the ground and easily accessible. You can choose a large or small pen and pencil holder according to your requirements.

Coffee Mug

Avoid using paper or plastic cups at your workplace for your daily coffee. Instead, keep your own stylish coffee mug stored in your personal locker.


It’s always a good idea to have a compact umbrella in your locker. You will always be prepared for those unexpected showers. A compact umbrella won’t occupy much space and you can hang it on a hook.

Perfume or Deodorant

Ensure you are never caught out on a hot or busy day and always stay fresh at work by keeping your favourite perfume or deodorant stored in the locker. You can also add refresher towels or wipes for maximum freshness.


Keep a sweatshirt, shawl or cardigan in your locker for colder days in the office. There may be days that the air conditioning is not comfortable or you need to go out in a sudden weather change, so having a sweatshirt handy will make sure the cold does not affect your comfort or productivity.

Change of Cash

It can be really useful to keep a little cash in your office locker. If you forget your wallet you can still buy the things you need, whether it’s taking a cab or bus home or eating from the canteen. Small change can also be useful for fundraisers and charitable donations at work.

A Mini First Aid Kit

Although all workplaces have a first aid kit and other essential equipment to provide primary care to an injured person, you can also keep a small personal one in your locker. Bandaids, aspirin, paracetamol and sanitiser are great to have handy when you need them.

Reusable Eating Utensils

Keep a set of reusable eating utensils in your work locker and reduce your waste. Make sure the set has a knife, spoon, straw, straw, fork, chopsticks and cleaner. Stainless steel eating utensils are a great investment as they are rust-resistant and will last for years.

Phone Charger

An extra USB charger will prevent your phone’s battery from dying. In addition, you can also use the USB charger to transfer files from a computer.

Sunglasses or Glasses

Sunglasses or glasses can be easily misplaced or damaged, so you can save yourself a lot of stress and time by keeping a pair of sunglasses and glasses in your locker, especially if you are prescribed to wear them.

Your Favourite Snack Bar

It’s hard to be productive or concentrate on work when hungry. When you have a very busy work schedule or critical deadline to meet, you may not find time to take a break and go to the canteen. Our brains need high amounts of energy to function optimally. If you have a snack bar in your locker, you can maintain your energy to work with focus and stay productive.